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CLYDE?Interfirm Synthetic Rigid Box Cell Filters


HVAC, Commercial and Industrial Applications:

CLYDE Interfirm Synthetic Rigid Box Cell filters can be used in place of many high efficiency style filters. It may be used in spaces requiring 6" or 12" filters and is suitable for use in most commerical and industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems (HVAC). It can upgrade your current systems by providing exceptional filter integrity and consistent performance.

Interfirm Synthetic Rigid Box Cell can be used as a pre-filter for higher efficiency products or a final filter in commerical and industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems (HVAC) that require a high level of efficiency and cleanliness. It is designed for ease of installation in either side access systems or built-up banks. It is available in traditional box style or single header versions.

Interfirm Features and Benefits:

CLYDE Interfirm Synthetic Rigid Box Cell is an extended surface, medium to high efficiency filter. CLYDE-IFC uses the recent technology improvements in synthetic medias to offer a synthetic version of our rigid cell filter. Superior performance in high humidity applications combined with the elimination of media fiber shedding make this filter a smart choice over traditional fiberglass high efficiency products. The lofted ultra fine synthetic filter media provides excellent dust holding capacity and coupled with its rigid construction virtually elminiates dust particle unloading downstream of the filter.

  • Lofed ultra fine synthetic fiber shedding
  • Superior media integrity in high humidity applications
  • Rigid format prevents unloading in variable air volume (VAV)

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