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CLYDE?Mini Pleat Hepa Filters & Terminal Modules

Eurovent Rating
< 95%
99.97%- 99.99%
Intercept Grade
MP99.99 MP99.997

Disposable Terminal Modules (DTM)

The Disposable Terminal Modules (DTM) offers a simple method of ensuring clean air over critical work stations. Suitable for ceiling or wall mounting, in single or in multiples depending on the size of area for protection. Terminal housing is for us in laminar and non-laminar flow clean rooms. Terminal housings are availabe in 2 standard sizes:

  • 595mm x 595mm
  • 595mm x 1195mm

Replaceable Element Modules (REM)

Replaceable Element Modules (REM) is similar to DTM. REM offer the additional facility to change the filter when maximum pressure drop is reached. The housing is bonded, extruded aluminium sections enlosing a knife edge which mates with revolutionary INTERGEL to form the most effective filter-to-housing seal available.

Terminal modules Applications:

CLYDE High efficiency Particulate (HEPA) Air filters also known as Absolute Filters are one of the highest range of efficiencies. CLYDE mini pleat HEPA filters are specifically developed for the collection of low micron and sub-micron particles. For this reason, they are used extensively in the following critical industries to contain contaminant and assist in creating aseptic conditions:

  • Nuclear Establishments
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Injectable Production
  • Film Production
  • Electronics Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Clean Rooms
  • Research Laboratories
  • Biotechnology Laboratories
  • Fall-out shelters
  • Commerical Buildings
  • Manufacturing Industries

NATA and DOP Testing:

CLYDE-IFC has onsite and factory facilities to test Intercept HEPA filters in accordance to Australian Standard AS4260-2 1994 (Int) (BS3928 / Eurovent 4.4)Sodium Flame Test and DOP. These facilities are supported by NATA and TELARC certification.

Features and Benefits:

By adopting the latest material and production technology, Intercept Filters provide maximum efficiencies combined with low resistance to air flow. In critical areas requiring the uppermost range of filtering efficiencies, the Intercept mini pleat (MP) filters provide the highest standards of air cleanliness especially in clean rooms.


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