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CLYDE?Ultra V-cell Filters

ASHRAE 52.1 equiv
60-65% (Green)
80-85% (Red)
90-95% (Yellow)
95%+ (White)

CLYDE Ultra V-cell Filters follows the successful line of the C-cell filters. The V-cell is a cartridge type rigid bag filter constructed in the form of eight individual slabs of 22mm deep pleated media. With the same patented technology to produce the pleats and a finished off design by using a plastic frame.

HVAC Applications:

CLYDE Ultra V-cell Filters made from 100% polypropylene and is suitable for Heating, Ventilation and air condioning (HVAC) systems or gas turbine applications.

Features and Benefits:

The 100% polypropylene filter media is made from a modified meltdown process. The graded fibre density ensure coarse fibres upstream and fine fibres downstream giving optimum particle capture characteristics. The pleated media is then taken through the patented manufacturing process which includes addition of extruded polypropylene separators to the pleated filter media which gives a unique V configuration ensuring low initial resistance an a longer lifespan. The filter is completed with a 100% white polypropylene frame.

The final CLYDE Ultra V-cell pleated filter is extremely durable with high compressive strength in the air flow direction. The filter has been tested to a burst strength of 6250 Pa. This durability also ensures that there is no damage to the pleats during transportation or assembly. The final pleated product is also enviromentally friendly as it is made from 100% polypropylene.


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