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CLYDE?Interfold Pleated Panel Filters


Eurovent Rating
G4 (EU4)
F5 (EU5)

HVAC Applications:

CLYDE Interfold Pleated Panel Filters can be used in heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems where

  • standard pre-filters are insufficient protection for the required levels of air cleanliness.
  • glass media is unacceptable (eg. food and pharmaeutical industries and in some hosipital areas).
  • the critical nature of the installation demands a combination of high arrestance, coupled with control over smaller particles.

Interfold Pleated Features and Benefits:

CLYDE Interfold Panel Pleated filters have the ability to achieve high levels of high efficiency, ease of handling and space saving attributes have made panel pleated filters popular among end-users. Interfold Panel Pleated filters are acceptable for computer room free-standing units. The high capacity version of pleated filters is selected when space is at a premium. Filter sizes match the rated capacities of High Efficiency Extended Surface filters (bag filters).


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