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Product Description:

Supreme S-908 Coil cleaner are used the advanced Japanese formulation, specifically for cleaning and brightening aluminum coils and filters in air conditioner.It is designed for quick, safe removal of lime scale, soap scum, milkstone, alkaline soils grease and dirt. A protective layer will be formed on the aluminum coils and filters after washing with this coil cleaner, in order to reduce corrosion and to keep the surfaces clean and brightening. The fast acting formula reduces cleaning time and rinses easily.The solution also can be apply for tiles surfaces cleaning.



Phosphoric acid, Fluorides, Nonionic Surfactants, Dye and Essence


Physical Data:

Colors:                  Purplish Blue

Appearance:          Non Viscous liquid

Flash Point:            Non-flammable

Specific Gravity:     1.07

pH:                        1.5 – 2


Directions For Use:

Thoroughly saturate the surface to be cleaned with portable water. Dilute Supreme S-908 Coil Cleaner with portable water as ratio 1:1-2 by volume. Apply the mixed Supreme S908 Coil Cleaner with a masonry washing brush or low pressure spray.Allow the solution to remain on the surface 3-5 minutes, dependent on severity of stains. If apply on the tiles surfaces, please do not allow the solution to remain on the surface more than 3 minutes. Rinse the surface thoroughly with potable water, removing all cleaning solution, loose materials and debris. High pressure rinsing proves most effective.


Application Details:

Maxing ratio:        S908 : Portable Water

                            1:1-2 by volume

Shelf Life:             3 years properly stored

Storage:                40 to 90; Keep from freezing



  • Wear protective gloves mask, goggles and plastic shoes. Used in well ventilated area.
  • Do not use on the marble surface.
  • Do not contact with skin, eyes or clothes and do not inhale it. If the cleaner splashes into eyes or the skin, please rinse thoroughly by a large amount of water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid direct sun radiation.



4L & 20L


Limited Warranty:

All statements and recommendations herein are based on the best information available and are believed to be reliable. However no warranty either expressed or improved, is made concerning the application or use of this product since the customer’s use cannot be controlled. Statements concerning the use of this product should not be construed as recommendations, suggestions or inducements to use this product in violation of any applicable laws or regulations.



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