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Membrane Nitrogen Generators


Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Lower cost... eliminates the need for costly gas cylinders

Complete package with prefilters, carbon filter, and membrane filter

Compact - frees up valuable floor space

Eliminates unexpected shutdowns due to a "bad" or empty cylinder

Hassle-free, easy to install, easy to operate

Safe and reliable

No electrical line required


  • Puring or testing of tanks and vessels
  • Solvent blanketing
  • Food processing and packaging
  • Storage of perishables
  • Electronic component manufacture and storage
  • Analytical equipment purge
  • Carburizing, hardening, sintering, annealing
  • Packaging
  • Chemical transferring
  • Sparging and mixing

Advantages of BalstonŽ Nitrogen Generators

Balston Membrane Nitrogen Generators produce up to 98% pure, commercially sterile nitrogen at dewpoints to -58°F (-50°C) from a compressed air supply.  All membrane nitrogen generators include a 0.01 micron membrane filter which ensures the nitrogen is completely free of suspended impurities.  For applications requiring monitoring and controlling, models HFXO Series and all Nitrosource NS Series include an oxygen monitor which offers LED readouts and remote alarm or chart recorder capabilities.  An audible alarm signals high or low oxygen concentrations (determined by the application).  The oxygen monitor is supplied with alarm relay outputs which may be used to signal a remote alarm, open a backup supply, or the process stream, or close the process flow. 


HFX Series

High Flow Nitrogen Membrane Generator


Nitrosource Series

Modular Nitrogen Membrane Generator




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