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PoleStar was born from the experience of nearly 40 years in the compressed air market.

Since its launch, PoleStar’s advanced design concepts have led it to become the benchmark refrigeration dryer on the international compressed air market.

And PoleStar has just got better. New technological solutions ensure PoleStar’s impressive reliability is even further improved upon. The operating parameters have increased to a generous 60°C air inlet temperature and 50°C ambient temperature. And power consumptions have been reduced even further. PoleStar offers excellent dew point performances, in full accordance with ISO 7183 norms.

PoleStar has furthermore been designed with maximum respect for the environment. Environmentally friendly refrigerant is standard across the range, and all materials can be recycled at the end of their operating life. PoleStar is the solution to the ever more demanding requirements of today’s industries.


  • Unique DryPack heat exchanger
  • Advanced scroll compressor
  • Optimum dew point performance
  • Environmental, low power consumption
  • Easy to use and maintain


Compressed air is the motor which drives modern industry, often representing the most vital part in the whole production process. But compressed air contains many unwelcome impurities in the form of water, dirt and oil. These impurities will rapidly wear pneumatic machinery, block the compressed air lines and even damage finished goods. It is therefore of utmost importance that these impurities be removed from the compressed air.  This will ensure reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs and a quality finished product. The solution is the implementation of Hiross refrigeration dryers and Hiross compressed air filters. All Hiross products offer highest air purification levels in strict accordance with ISO norms.


Saturated compressed air enters the PoleStar’s DryPack heat exchanger.  Here it first passes through the air-to-air heat exchanger, where the incoming air is pre-cooled by the cold air exiting the dryer.  The air then passes through the evaporator, where it is further cooled, to the required dew point, by the cold refrigerant also passing through the evaporator. As it cools so the condensate turns from a gas to a liquid.  This is separated throughout the entire cooling process, as well as by the demister separator installed after the evaporator. This condensate is then removed from the dryer by a condensate drain.The refrigeration circuit is a closed loop which uses a complex process to ensure that the refrigerant always enters the evaporator at the exact thermodynamical conditions required, thereby ensuring the dew point is perfectly maintained.


The heart of PoleStar is DryPack. Its corrosion resistant aluminium construction, made up of a single brazed pack with no interconnecting piping, is very compact and permits notably high reliability levels. The modular construction, with up to 6 DryPacks, not only ensures PoleStar conforms to all major international pressure vessel approvals (including the European PED directive), but also notably reduces maintenance costs. But the real secret of DryPack is a patented concept which sets it apart from any other exchanger on the market. DryPack’s unique design positions the air-to-air, evaporator and demister stages in a row. This allows for a process known as Continuous Active Separation, whereby the condensate is immediately removed, in a continuous manner, along the entire length of DryPack. The benefit for the user is a guaranteed low dew point and maximum efficiency. This process is further assisted by very wide and very short air paths, permitting remarkably low air velocities and consequently low pressure drops. The oversized demister requires no maintenance, and has the added advantage of achieving a cold coalescence effect to further purify the air. Moreover, the demister operates equally efficiently at partial air flows, unlike centrifugal designs.

1 air inlet
2 air-to-air heat exchanger
3 evaporator
4 demister separator
5 condensate drain outlet
6 air outlet
7 refrigerant inlet
8 refrigerant outlet
9 dew point sensor (in air flow)




DryPack’s unique condensate removal system allows for very low dew points, with the demister ensuring they are also maintained at partial air flows.

The hot gas by-pass valve, with its modulating and self-regulating 0-100% operation, ensures that the dryer always works at optimum conditions, even under varying conditions.

Its pressure actuated operation is significantly more accurate than temperature activated solutions.





Power consumption is kept to a very minimum thanks to DryPack and the implementation of scroll compressors, which alone allow energy savings of up to 30%. Refrigerant R407C offers energy savings of up to 10% compared with similar solutions, whilst a further 60% saving is obtained by the oversized air-to-air heat exchanger, standard on all models.

The Cold Mass function, integrated within the microprocessor control, allows energy savings of up to 80% when operating in stand-by.




Environmentally friendly refrigerant R407C is standardly supplied on all models. Moreover, PoleStar’s advanced design solutions permit significantly reduced refrigerant charges.

Scroll compressors furthermore reduce noise levels, to the benefit of personnel.

All components feature a recyclability coding, whilst recyclable materials have been used throughout.




DryPack’s all-in-one construction renders it virtually indestructible. DryPack also features service friendly Rotalock connections.

With 50% less moving parts, low vibration and the ability to withstand liquid returns, the scroll compressors offer extreme reliability.

A comprehensive set of alarms and compressor thermo-electrical protection ensure optimal and reliable dryer functioning.

An analogue pressure gauge permits at a glance verification of correct dryer operation.




PoleStar’s 60°C inlet and 50°C ambient temperature limits, its compact dimensions, and its modular construction (in compliance with International pressure vessel directives, including PED), allow it to be installed virtually anywhere. The easily removable panels, hinged electrical panel, full frontal access and drain niche facilitate servicing.

The microprocessor control has been specifically developed with the user in mind.



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