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Microburst® 3000 Dispenser Refills

  • The "micro-molecules" spray of Microburst® 3000 Aerosol provides greater coverage and long lasting odor-neutralizing and fragrancing with less propellants.
  • Transforms and eliminates "The Unavoidable Odors."
  • Clean fresh scents signal hygiene and comfort.
  • Three times the power per ounce of standard aerosols.

Microburst® 3000 Dispenser - White

  • Maximum cost control.
  • Provide full strength odor control for up to 168 days.
  • Proactive display provides advance notice for refill & battery change.
  • Half the size of standard aerosol dispensers.
  • 3000 sprays per can.

Stock # Description
401219 Microburst® 3000 Dispenser - White
401278 Microburst® 3000 Dispenser - Chrome
401442 Microburst® 3000 Dispenser - Economizer

Contains: Dispenser & mounting screws.

Dimensions: 2 1/8 inch D x 3 1/4 inch W x 6 5/8 inch H

Power: 2 C-cell batteries. Must use alkaline batteries.

Approvals: CE

Case Pack: 6
Case Weight: 6 lbs.
Case Cube: 0.28

10 Year Warranty against defects in parts and workmanship.

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Specification Sheet

Installation Instructions

Microburst® 3000 Air Neutralizer Refills

The revolutionary Microburst® 3000 Dispenser Refills provide the most effective odor neutralizing available today in a compact system. With outstanding odor control properties, the clean fresh scents permeate the room with subtle fragrances that reassure users the room is clean, safe and comfortable. The Microburst® 3000 Dispenser Refills are three times the power-per-ounce of traditional aerosols and provide full strength odor control up to 168 days. The "micro-molecules" spray of Microburst® provides greater coverage and longest-lasting odor neutralizing and fragrancing with less propellants. V.O.C.'s (volatile organic compounds) and bulky size.

Stock # Description



Morning Glory™
401577 Mountain Spa™

Case Pack: 12
Case Weight: 3 lbs.
Case Cube: 0.14

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Regular Microburst® 3000


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